Water quality sensor station


With the WQS (water quality sensor station) water quality can be measured and registered in any location where the sun shines and where there is mobile telephone coverage.

The WQS is autonomous (no infrastructure required), low-cost (investment <US$ 60/year) and measures the Electrical Conductivity (EC) of water every 5 minutes (24x365). Results are transferred to the Internet on an hourly basis and displayed in graphs. In case of extreme values, interested parties can receive a message through email and sms.

The system is build around our Sodaq board (see www.kickstarter.com) with a GPRSbee extension board. We have developed a low cost EC sensor with integrated temperature sensor

The WQS can be used in many different ways: to monitor dumping of mine waste in rivers, to register salinity of irrigation water in rice fields, to monitor pollution of water in shallow wells, etc.

We have identified locations in Peru, SriLanka and Tanzania where we intend to perform site testing with local partners.

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