W.Afate 3D printer


First "Made in Africa" and with e-waste 3D printer...
Africa's first 3D printer is a strictly local project that has enjoyed rapid international success: two successful crowdfunding campaigns and an original vision developed for NASA (W.Afate to Mars) awarded on the 2013 Space Apps Challenge.
With W.Afate we are in the presence of a fact quite unique in several respects: 1. Furthermore, that this is one of the few times that Africa is in a position of not being a lot distanced on an emerging technology. 2. There also has to considerthis position very interesting that this is the first functional machine that is built on the waste of other machines... 3. Finally, we must emphasize this we have here a product closely tied to Technologyl Democracy ethic governing woelab and witch would not see the day without the logistical and human resources of the community to which the inventor belongs. In fact W.Afate is a collaborative project. A magnificent symbol of the power of co-creation spaces and one of the first all-African example of the contemporary movement of 'Commons'
With several original programs already driven (# 3DprinTogo Conferences; 3Dprint Cyber-Caf├ęs; 3DprintEducative, etc) the W.Afate is now at the heart of what seems a real vision of development for Africa.

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