Fab Social


The technological capabilities of digital fabrication such as 3D printers, vinyl cutters and routers, are increasingly available to the general public. These technologies are likely to be used as teaching aids
for cognitive development, ie, the support for the development of skills in an increasingly technological world.
The Fab Social is a digital inclusion project that uses digital fabrication and computation to promote " the technology beyond facebook" in low income communities . This project has promoted workshops about the construction of an individual expression of knowledge, or a "way to think" using basics Fab Lab technologies such as 3D printers, mini routers and a vinyl cutter.
Elements of programming, robotics, and digital fabrication are addressed in the form of short talks and practical activities provoking a debate among participants ( generally kids from nine years old) about the importance of school subjects, the use of the computer as a support of knowledge, troubleshooting and assistance tool to reasoning .

In fact, the Fab Social aim is to show to the kids from low income communities, others activities to self development than only the football, facebook, or illegal acts . To do that, we use the Fab Lab technologies to "wake" them to the school's subjects, ie, giving a meaning to the math, science and the portuguese language. Most of the kids speak in slangs, and showing Fab Labs technology and others projects from kids' , we convinced them to try to change themselves' vision and behavior about the school.
All workshops are free and only open softwares are used.
Currently, the project was supported by the technological departament from Guarulhos city hall located in Brazil.

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