VCI 3.0

This project aims to make self-sufficient habitats programmable. The user can control and activate different interactive scenarios depending on both Personal Factors [privacy, accessibility & permanence] and Physical Factors [noise, temperature & humidity]. Through the use of the Emotiv mind, the changing habitat becomes much more personalized, therefore habitable.

Begin able to control the basic services and functions of a dwelling unit can grant the user satisfaction, making habitats more significant. By addressing issues of security and infrastructure, a wide range of solutions can be provided to people, specially to the ones with physical disadvantages.

The prototype will be produced following the principles of Digital Fabrication. Considering variables such as time and number of families, the ideal is to create unique and changing products rather than being standardized and massively produced. This will nos just change parameters of society, culture and economy but will generate better life standards.

Claudia Góngora – VCI 3.0.

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