The ‘T’able is a unique representation of the mountainous topographies in which specialty teas are produced. Tea is known for its health benefits and it’s ability to rebuild damaged cells in the human body while the industrialization of tea production removes and erodes our planets natural landscape. Mans use of the land supports economic growth, like the pixelated mining of the ‘T’ables’ landscape supports its surface. The customary act of preparing and drinking Chinese Tea called Chayi (“Art of Tea”) involves a cleansing ritual begun by pouring out the first brew and letting it wash over cups and utensils at the table. As Tea rains on the mountainscape the tables terraced stream collects and channels runoff. The iconic ‘T’able is a catalyst for discussion; a place for sharing of ideas, dreams, and Tea, with family and friends, loved ones, even a perfect stranger. While enjoying your Tea you can reflect on both the serenity of nature as well as how we can positively impact it. Proceeds from each ‘T’able sold go directly to local Tea farmers and to preserving their ecological landscapes.

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