Talla Peru


This proyect is the development of functional furniture using digital fabrication applied to the context of a small furniture fabric. The proyect won the support of the government, a program called “innovate Peru” that gives founds for innovation proyects . Four Prototypes were developed mixing digital fabrication and traditional woodwork, each prototype is transformable. A small table that can turn into a big table or a bed that during the day is a big shelf, the other two products were inspired in existing furniture, but the idea was to change the process and materials and make them possible to build in a woodwork factory. This are a sofa that changes his form into a double bed and a bed changes into a desk.
The vision of this proyect is oriented to meet the need of optimize the use of place in the new small apartments in Lima. Double function or furniture that can grow up when necessary are kind of solutions that offer this products.
Now the prototypes are being tested to be ready for the first small quantity production. The materials are a mix of local wood and plywood.
Another part also included on the project is the develop of a web platform for selling the furniture in internet with a 3d model that allows the user to make different combinations or to change some sizes. This is now been developed by a group of programmers.

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