Heat Retention Box


Heat retention cooking box saves cooking fuel.Retained heat cooking is often introduced along with solar cooking since it further reduces the use of traditional fuels such as firewood etc.W.r.t to this concept I am going to modificate this technology for school students in 'mid day meal' because in India student did not get hygenic and wel cooked food.So if students were use this box in school so they will know more about heat,solar energy,digital fabrication (box cutting can be done on laser machine or shop boot machine)and cooking experience with fresh and hygenic wel cooked food daily.
Actualy with size variation every one can use this in day to day life.
This very low cost even this can done with old basket,hay box for maintaing heat inside we can use material like wool,blankets,feathers,cotton,rice hulls,Al foil,fur,rigid foam.

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