KULUSKA SLIPPERS open design project


One slippers made in Kamakura become data. It was sent to Kenya,
it was modified to the best design for the locale, and it was produced.
Various ideas extend all over the world by open design.

What design arises when it is your town?

KULUSKA slipper is developed to permit easy creation with the aim of "manufacturing that easy to make" and
"manufacturing in accord with the size of their own sense"

Data of this leather slippers has become open .
It is able to create by processing the laser cutter
Various people be able to make KULUSKA slippers
Even beginners will be able to create a beautiful leather slippers.

In Africa (Kenya), by Jens Divik and ARO FabLab to create by using the fish leather .There is also an episode that was a present to grandmother of President Obama.

In Japan, it was done in FabLab Kamakura, Flat FabLabsendai & Miyagi University, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Okayama, Nagoya (hacker space Nagoya), and Gifu (f.labo).

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