FryskLab, Europe's first Mobile Library FabLab


We find ourselves in interesting times; we’re facing huge socio-economic challenges while at the same time we need to look ahead and design a society that meets our future needs. For this we need a renewed understanding of craftsmanship in relation to the design and production principles of the 21st century.

In the province of Fryslân (northern part of The Netherlands) we’re using a mobile lab facility, named FryskLab (a former library-bus) to bring making and 21st centurys skills to primary and secondary education, trying to find solutions for local socio-economic challenges.

With a dedicated educational program we try to tackle specific local challenges. In Fryslân we’re starting to pilot this program, titeled FryskLab Elements, in June 2014. FryskLab Elements is focusing on digital fabrication in relation to water technology, sustainable energy and new craftmanship: themes that are locally important.

FryskLab is Europe’s first mobile Library-powered FabLab. We have a team with a very diverse background. FryskLab is initiated by a public library service organization (Bibliotheekservice Fryslân) in close collaboration with team members with a scientific-, educational- and technological background.

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