Flone is a platform that makes smartphones able to fly.

Floneā€™s goal is to have a disruptive platform for experimenting and researching the airspace in an accessible way: low cost, DIY and using open-source hardware.
Even though Flone is easy to build for a single person, we encourage DIWO/DIT (Do-It-With-Others/Do-It-Together) constructions and flights in order to create communities of creative people around an open-source platform that can be reproduced all around the world.

Other objectives of Flone are:
-Seeking a democratization of the airspace, recycling smartphones and transform airspace to public air.
-Empowering citizens, offering them the airspace as a playground to experiment. To do so, we share with them how to enter into this age of aircraft devices from the bottom part of society and not only from the upper part of the state institutions and military structures.
-Encouraging people to open the technical, critic, and creative box of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, open-thinking about this new technology that is already shaping the day-to-day life of all of us, and favouring critical thinking.

We plan to do all this by redefining the drone technology: taking it out from news, military missions and high tech companies scenarios and putting it back right on its appropriate hands.

We reclaim an open and participatory debate where not only the institutions have access to airspace, thus democratizing and highlighting the potential of UAVs, as their current use is as war and control machines.

We reclaim the right to fly. Flying is the metaphor of freedom, and air is a clear example of an untouchable common, we encourage the reclaim of the airspace as an universal inmaterial common for the humanity thus fully rejecting the uses of airspace for belic purposes.

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