The Tracking Tile



A system that projects information amongst the streets, people and vehicles, making a more interactive and responsive urban environment.

The Tracking Tile project aims to create a smart pavement system whose components project information and respond to the variety of changing conditions on the ground level of cities.

Clear paths are essential to inform cyclists, pedestrians and drivers, reducing the conflicts and popping up the borders in between them. However, the amount of pedestrians and vehicles on the streets is constantly changing, depending on the days and even hours, as are also the environmental and infrastructural factors. Because of that, urban elements and its components have to be smart and dynamic in order to respond to what is unpredictable.

The Tracking Tile brings together a material that has a great potential to become smart and one of the main issues of our time: mobility.

A pavement made out of translucent concrete reacts to sensor’s detection of changing urban conditions, lighting up colors that intend to guide people (cyclists, pedestrians, drivers) amongst the complex and mutating streets of our cities.

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