Innoz is on a mission. By inventing the Offline Internet, we are changing the way India and the rest of the developing world accesses and uses the Internet.

Starting with the simple idea to bring a search engine to offline users over SMS, Innoz has served the needs of information hungry users who cannot access or afford to pay for an Internet connection. To date the Innoz SMS platform has processed over 1 billion queries of hundreds of millions of users in 10 countries.

By opening up the SMS platform to developers, Innoz has reinvented SMS into an Internet pipeline. Today with the support of thousands of developers, Innoz SMS App store has enabled millions of people to use Facebook, Twitter, email and other Internet services offline . Through this Innoz has demonstrated how the 3 billion dumb phones currently in the market can become smart.

Innoz truly believe that access to information holds the power to making the lives of individuals and their communities more productive and prosperous. Our experiences over the past 5 years in mobile technology prove that connecting individuals and communities to the Internet using SMS enables wide access to information at an affordable price.

As we all know, the Internet revolution will take time to catch up with the mobile revolution. Therefore, life without the Internet will continue to remain a daily reality for over 5 billion people worldwide. But why should access to the Internet be a barrier to the productivity and prosperity of billions? To tackle this challenge Innoz has initiated a global community of developers, partners and vendors who collectively believe in the power of the offline world.

Together, We believe these offline users will be the drivers for online broadband usage and so by enabling leapfrog access through existing technologies such as SMS, we hope to be a key contributor in bringing the Next Billion Online.

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