the African fabbers project


African Fabbers is a social innovation and non-profit project promoted by Urban FabLab. The project is based on the idea of bridging the African and the European makers communities through workshops, collaborative projects, talks etc.

The African Fabbers project develops a temporary and itinerant fab lab putting emphasis on the open source hardware approach for sustainable technologies and urban ecologies. Therefore our Lab organizes free workshops dedicated to African and European makers, students and artisans selected by the local cultural institutions and by an open public call. The workshops are developed in order to share an opportunity to creative clusters from different continents and backgrounds to meet up and share knowledge, to investigate the interaction between African material systems and computer aided design technologies. African Fabbers so far participated to both Marrakech and Dakar Biennale developing an opensource hardaware prototype of a low-cost and offgrid 3d printer as well as prototypes of 3d printed ecological housing components made out of local clay.

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