Fab Barrow


Witnessing natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy on the US Eastern Seaboard or the May 2013 Tornado in nearby Moore, OK USA, I was inspired to develop a wheel barrow made from a single sheet of plywood as an experiment in rapid prototyping and disaster relief. After several months of work the Fab Barrow was born. It solves several practical challenges related to disaster relief or just ordinary CNC fab from sheet material. First, the Fab Barrow is made of single sheet of material and could be dealt out like a "deck of cards" in a disaster setting and punched out like paper dolls. Second, it provides a way to create a wheeled cart out of exclusively sheet material. Wheeled carts typically require an axle made of metal or wooden dowels or cylinders. Third, the Fab Barrow is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Fourth, it requires NO metal mechanical fasteners. Save for a bit of glue and a rubber mallet the Fab Barrow is self-contained and ready to go for disaster relief or ordinary everyday carriage and transport needs. Fifth, the design is easily customized for different uses or needs. Utility, practicality, novelty and customization are the hallmarks of the sturdy Fab Barrow.

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