Rock your Meal


Have you ever opened the refrigerator, had a look inside and didn’t know what to cook?!
Do you usually go to the supermarket, spend a lot of money to buy the same ingredients, with which you always cook the same recipes?! Would you like to eat differently?

The solution is shopping smarter and cooking better, in order to enjoy original meals and decrease waste, saving time and money.

Rock your Meal is a semantic search engine that suggests you new recipes, doable with the ingredients you have at home, recipes that you are not used to, customized to your tastes and habits.

It will integrate soon a new feature: the shopping list generator, that automatically shows you the best alternative ingredients based on price and quality, to make your life easier, to prevent food wastage and money loss. You will find yourself immediately using all that you have always purchased in new funnier ways.

In the following phase, Rock your Meal will act as a mediator in your weekly groceries. With a few clicks it will be possible to buy directly from our website, at the best price, leveraging geolocalized real time deals. The best shopping in the simplest way.

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