Rootless - wooden bike


Wood is an amazing "high performance" material. it's the first composite used by humanity and it's easy to work with CNC machines.

We choose sustainable and certified materials, because we believe that the best approach is to know the needs and satisfy them locally.

The frame is entirely made using a CNC router, small details are in lasercut plywood, and we are working on 3D printed accessories.

This design is very resistant and durable thanks to the fiber direction and the joints geometry. The material used guarantees a good repairability and personalization.

In the tutorial page we did our best to collect all the knoledge collected during this project. We hope someone else is goning to bring on our project. That's why everything is released in Creative Commons (CC BY-SA-NC 4.0 international).

The projects started inside the Fablab Torino, the hub where the members of the team met and worked at the beginning.
We brought on the fablab philosophy, uploading the 3D complete files of the frame, describe how we did it, posting the work-in-progress and designing something completely customizable.

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