E-COntainer module


No matter what! My dream goes on!
A simple home, public building, office space, park or city centre, is an element that in every society has a significant impact on both the users and its environment, directly and indirectly.
The way we design it, build it, use it, produce with it, share it, reuse it, reuse it, and reuse it makes everything possible.

Because of the global surplus of transport containers, their low cost and their ISO-standardization, they constitute an innovative and interesting construction element that allows low cost modularity, all around efficiency and (in)direct flexibility.

By means of independent functioning and leaving food instead of waste (C2C philosophy) an extremely durable and economically viable concept is established.
Projects can be realized in short term periods. While during its lifecycle, the building principles ensure the energetic, ecological, economical long-term sustainability.

This project encounters a constant evolution. Because of my study’s in product design, architecture agriculture and permaculture (@Valldaura, Iaac) my courage and passion for realizing big changes keeps on growing!
This project is in constant need for partners and strong impulses. Let’s finish it and share the world!

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