Rocket Shaped Revolving Shelf


Name of Project: Rocket Shelf
The project as titled Rocket Shaped Revolving Shelf is a Unique featured Rocket Shaped Beautiful Shelf which will attract everyone and will fall in love with the shelf. The features are such that which includes the theme of FAB 10 conference of sustainable development with digital fabrication.
The Key features are:
1. Functionality and Problem Solving:
• The project is useful for storing any kind of objects/ books/ magazines/ tools.
• It can be used globally as well as locally at any lab/library/house/office
• This solves the problem of orientation of parts with its unique design.
• Easily movable and easy assembly and dismantle.

2. Materiality:
• The material used is sustainable and environment friendly.
• Recycling is easy and also can be available easily.
• Material used is plywood, two bearings, hollow pipe, Caster wheels which are easily available in market.

3. Documentation and Replicability:
• The design is sustainable and drawing files are easily modified according to requirement of design.
• Reproducibility of project is easy

4. Aesthetics and Beauty
• The model is inspired by rocket shape
• This model will add beauty to interiors of Libraries, Offices and homes

5. People’s choice
• People would like to have this Shelf Model in their houses ,offices to store things like books, magazines, showpieces,files and folders and many more small things

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