IK BEN STER(K). Empowering young adults through a peer-to-peer talent development platform


The goal of the project was to introduce FabLab and its open source technologies to the underprivileged young
adults of a disadvantaged neighbourhood of Rotterdam in an attempt to stimulate them to learn how to
empower themselves by making and sharing. The success of the workshop inspired the design of a peer-to-peer workshop platform combining social media, FabLabs, and ubiquitous technologies. The platform was tested in its elements, where students considered
problematic became active co-creators in the workshops while collaboratively learning new skills. Key to project’s success lied in leveraging the students’ technological fluency by making digital fabrication accessible and engaging through a participatory
bottom-up approach. IK BEN STER(K) showed to have the potential to build a thriving community of empowered individuals, serving as a “best practice” for future interventions in similar socio-cultural conditions.

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