Range SDR1: OpenBTS Software-Defined Radio

Publicly available, open source software-defined radio designs for a low cost software-defined transceiver for OpenBTS-based mobile network base stations, helping makers and labs create their own cell networks for experimentation, promoting software- and Internet-based innovation in mobile services and applications, and increasing access to mobile infrastructure for the 2 billion persons without access today by evolving to standardized, non-proprietary hardware for radio access networks.

The full schematics, layout files and bill of materials required to build an advanced software-defined radio are available for free download at OpenBTS.org

The Range SDR1 is not a general purpose radio, it is the only open source transceiver designed specifically for cellular base stations running OpenBTS. The transceiver supports all GSM bands, provides advanced filtering and allows for a streamlined base station with a reduced, low-cost bill of materials.

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