3D Printed Prosthetics


The Gladius prosthetic is a multi-terrain prosthetic for below-the-knee amputees. It allows people to quickly adjust the prosthetic (unlike other devices), and it can be used across multiple terrain types, for running or walking. This project has been in development at the Fab Lab in San Diego with Andre Szucs, with advising from Allen McAfee and Katie Rast. We worked together to design and 3D print the fairing - the exterior cover of the device that adds a more natural form to the prosthetic, allows for experimentation with materials, and can be customized in terms of form or aesthetics. / Robohand is an international open design project that has allowed custom prosthetics to be developed with a 3D printer for a very low cost. The Robohand at the Fab Lab San Diego was created in-house on our 3D printer, and spearheaded by a young Maker named Gabriel Jacobs, a talented 15-year-old community member. The hand has articulating fingers and can be customized for fit. The project represents a larger purpose in terms of our team's desire to work on the development of better and more accessible prosthetics. Towards that aim, we have registered our site to be one that people can access in order to develop the prosthetic for free.

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