le procédé "Fosse Biologique"lyseconcept

The process “Pit Biological” lyseconcept is a biotechnology in the treatment of purification of domestic waste waters. The association of a technicality specific without mechanization, filtration and electrification, with biology, a living being, microscopic and invisible “the bacterium”. The process treats and purifies waste waters with a performance épuratoire of approximately 90% and recycles waste waters for the immediate watering of the vegetable garden.
The water of rejection contains fine organic matter particles in suspension, an active total colony count and diffuse pollution, which make of it an element fertilizing and enriching for the topsoil.
The vegetalized biodiversity supplements the work of the process by purifying the water rejection of its chemical components such as: ammonium urea, nitrogenizes, cogitates, mugs up, nitrate, phosphate estimating the performance épuratoire of the whole of the device at more than 98%.
The process gets a natural manure with the farms, removes drainings of the pits of excrements and makes it possible to save this rare resource: water.

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